argmin 0.9.0 released

Posted January 6, 2024 by Stefan Kroboth ‐ 3 min read

argmin is a Rust library which offers a range of numerical optimization methods and a framework for developing optimization algorithms. For details about the design of argmin and its features I suggest having a look at the website, the book, Github, and

This is a short summary of the changes in argmin 0.9.0 (and 0.8.1 as this version didn't get its own blog post) compared to 0.8.0. Feel free to reach out via Github or the new Discord server if you encounter any issues during the upgrade.

argmin 0.9.0

  • Line search now correctly searches over gradient instead of parameter vector (@DevonMorris) (Breaking change)
  • SteepestDescent now correctly keeps track of prev_param (@DevonMorris)
  • ArgminInv is now also implemented for 1D matrices (@sdrap)
  • @cjordan added another example of how to use Nelder-Mead
  • Fixed a couple of typos and mistakes in the documentation (@itrumper, @imeckler, @stefan-k)

argmin 0.8.1

  • The Serialize and Deserialize derives for ObserverMode somehow got lost. This was fixed by @maoe

Other news

The cobyla crate was made compatible with argmin (Thanks to @relf).

New Discord server

Since the old Gitter channel didn't get much use we now finally have a Discord server! I'm looking forward to seeing many of you there!


Big thanks to everyone who contributed to these releases: @cjordan @DevonMorris @imeckler @itrumper @jjbayer @maoe @relf @sdrap @stefan-k, and everyone who opened and responded to issues and discussions!

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